Khajiit are typically viewed as second-class citizens due to their bestial appearance. Many more of viewed as cheats, liars, thieves, and drug-addicts — which is accurate in some cases. Because of this, citizens have difficulty trusting Khajiits. Racial slurs for Khajiits have emerged from this negative stereotype, being called “cats”, “rugs”, or “carpets”.

Khajiit are the subject of racial discrimination all across Skyrim, as they are thought to be more criminally inclined than other races. According to Ahkari, a female Khajiit trader who sells in almost every hold in Skyrim, “…it is the Nords. They do not like outsiders in their land, and so we are forbidden to enter the cities. When they look upon us, they see only pickpockets and Skooma dealers”. Thus, Khajiit caravans are forced to conduct business and encamp entirely outside of city walls.

Use Catfolk stats add: Agile, Reduce 10ft of falling damage +2 CMD vs Trip



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