Stendarr is the God of Righteous Might and Merciful Forbearance. He is the inspiration of magistrates and rulers, the patron of the Imperial Legions and the comfort of the law-abiding citizen. Stendarr has evolved from his Nordic origins into a deity of compassion or sometimes, righteous rule. He is said to have accompanied Tiber Septim in his later years. In early Altmeri legends, Stendarr is the apologist of Men.
Stendarr is also known as the God of Mercy.

In Skyrim the Shirne of Stendarr is located in Solitude.

Throughout Skyrim, the fanatical Vigilants of Stendarr wander the countryside, looking to distribute justice. Their objective is to eradicate certain undesirables from Nirn, namely necromancers, conjurers, and especially Daedra.



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